Till Menu

Our simple neighborhood menu changes with the whims of the chef in offerings, size and season. It can change daily, weekly, monthly or even during the course of the evening. Our kitchen is a true scratch kitchen with everything from our ketchup to our ice creams all made in house using organic flours, sweeteners, local, organic, or produce from our garden, Atlantic or Lake fish, and free range meats. Our kitchen is also well versed in the changing diets of today, such as gluten free, paleo, or allergies.

Our cocktails use the same “garden to shaker” approach utilizing our garden’s fruit trees, edible flowers, and herbs.

Till’s wine and beer is a boutique list of clean food friendly juice and hops that changes with season and the whims of the kitchen.

We have a love of hand brewed coffees offered by our local roaster Thunderkiss coffee

Food and Drink Offerings on Any Given Day

Here are our greatest hits that our friends and neighborhood insists we try to keep on the menu, to give you an idea of what we offer. These items may not always be available, and are usually embellished with other offerings from the kitchen

Twilight or Happy Hour 3-6 PM

Our weekday offering of 1/2 price libations such as the old fashioned, wine and select taps

Various Snacks and bites for under $6 offered by the kitchen

Dinner Plates

Sweet Potato Poutine: House smoked portabella, tofu curds, red wine gravy

Cheese Board: Chef’s daily selection of artisan cheese with toast and things from our garden

Soup: classic seasonal offering

Charcuterie: We have a love of making sausage, pate, rillette, terrines out of vegetables and meats.

Our burgers: We grind our meats in house, using mainly Bluescreek farm lamb, or a rare breed biodynamic beef from Fox Hollow Farm in Kentucky. A veggie burger makes an occasional appearance on our menu

Our pizza. The style is an East Coast pie, usually vegetarian, utilizing the local season and good cheese, or no cheese if you prefer.

Tofu Mac and Cheese: Creamy mac and cheese without the cheese with crispy tofu and veg offering. Loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike!

Fish: We use fish on occasion from the Atlantic waters and the Lakes, with an occasional hankering for shellfish. Who doesn’t love Shrimp and Grits?

Ice creams: All of our ice creams are made in house and are non dairy. Here are a few desserts we feature with our ice creams

Beignets: French donuts cooked to order served with coffee ice cream

Salty Caramel Mud Pie: Brownie cookie crust, Chocolate Mousse

Saturday & Sunday Brunch

Cocktails are served on Saturdays/Coffee and Beer on Sundays

Brunch Plates

Our beloved beignets

French Toast done many different ways

Vegan Pancakes that also changes often

Quinoa Bowls

Our burgers

Till Classic with eggs, meat, toast and a side

Fritatta or Omelette and toast

Give us a call anytime if you have any questions about our menu 614 298 9986