Questions You ask While You’re Dealing with the Grief of your Deceased Dog

Grieving the loss of your pet is really common as we all love our dogs and nothing hurt us more than losing the one lifetime best friend for life. It is indeed very important for you to deal with the loss of your beloved dog properly or in the later years, you also may suffer from depression.

We understand how hard it is to get rid of the pain when you lose your dog forever and here are a few things you surely ask yourself when you lose the best friend for life –

  1. Am I crazy? – No you are not. It is normal that you are hurting so much when you have lost your beloved dog. And it is meant to intense. Your dog might have spent so many years with you till now and it isn’t easy to let go off those beautiful feelings that easy. Make sure you don’t hold yourself back. If someone doesn’t understand your pain don’t care about it.
  2. What kind of feelings can I expect? – You will feel a lot of things. From guilt to denial to anger to depressions; you will feel everything. There might be situations when you may have feel responsible for your dog’s death or you may even go in a denial stage and may not accept the fact that your dog is no more. Anger might come as a surprise to you as you may not even know why you are angry. And depression is common—it might happen to you anyway. This is the reason when you feel so many things at a go, you need to speak to someone about it and make sure you get out of the trauma.
  3. What can I do about all these mixed feelings? – It is hard indeed and you need to do make sure you are doing alright with your grief. You cannot go ahead and let the grief get you carried away. You must speak to someone. Make sure you don’t hold onto all these feeling. Cry if you have to—show off your emotions and feelings when needed. You can make pet memorial stones as a tribute to your dog where you can put beautiful pictures and name of your deceased dog or you can also keep a memorial service for your beloved dog.
  4. With whom should I talk? – Talk to someone who is close to you. Or with someone who loves dogs and who already have been through the same or who are still having a dog at their house. This way you will be able to let go off your pain a bit and you will feel a bit relaxed. If you do not have anyone in your friend circle or in your family who loves dogs or you think no one will understand, then you should go ahead and talk to a psychiatrist. He or she will be the best person to make sure you are okay and you are able to deal with the loss of your pet.

Losing your dog is unbearable but you must cope with it anyhow. You can order memorial stones from LC memorials to save the memories and remains of your pet and keep it safe and intact.

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