What Parents Should Know about Furries


The media often portrays the furry fandom in a negative light. A huge number of parent accept this information making them wary about the fandom. This is the reason why young teens may find it hard to come out in the open and tell their parents that they are part of the fandom. Spreading awareness plays a very important role in helping others understand furries much better. Let us look at some points parents need to know about furries to help clear their doubts.

First off, it is important for parents to know that the furry fandom can be compared to any fandom be it comic books, gaming, movies, television shows and the likes. They are however, enthusiasts about anthropomorphic animals and carry their fascination with them as they grow older. It should be noted that a child’s exposure to furry may be earlier than parents expect them. This is because of the slew of children related cartoons and movies that features anthropomorphic animal characters. As mentioned earlier, their love and adoration about these characters can be carried over in their adulthood making them furry fans without them ever knowing it.


A common misconception about furries is that they are often associated to a sexual fetish. (See how to prepare for anal sex). This in turn can scare people particularly parents and as a result, they may at times encourage their children to avoid the fandom as a whole. Such is not the case however, since most of furries focus their attention to the community by sharing artworks, illustrations, and other pieces of art to the world. Other fans are busy making fur suits to wear during conventions to meet and greet fellow fans.

Almost all of the fandom has had a rough time when sexual tones are linked to the subject matter. This is a pretty common scenario that is done on the media. Sex sells and this is why women are often plastered in sports magazine cover, cars, movies and even video games in the present. The same can also be said with regards to the furry fandom and sexuality has been quite a controversial topic to them. With that being said, sex is not the main focus of the fandom and fans are taking the necessary efforts in order to steer far away from it. This is often done by spreading awareness and information about them. Furry conventions are a great place to learn more about furries and attending one with your children can help you better understand the fandom as a whole.

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